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Pose Method of Running

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"Dr. Romanov's Pose Method Of Running brings his revolutionary ideas that changed the world of running to the professional athlete and amateur alike. In a very succinct and enjoyable manner, it teaches one to perform to the very best of his ability, using the Pose running technique. In ballet, or martial arts, one requires practice of technique. The same is true of running. Unless you are one of the lucky ones, like Haile Gebrselassie, Steve Prefontaine, or Michael Johnson, who were born with the perfect technique, you have to learn it. Until Dr Romanov's discovery there was no coherent theory on the subject. Running was practiced, but not taught as a skill. The Pose Method proposes to teach running as a skill with its own theory, concepts, and exercises. Radically change your form, eliminate injuries, enhance endurance, raise speedà have we got your attention yet? -- 220 Triathlon Magazine Review: Pose Method« of Running Page Count: 315"

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